5 secrets to great hair!

Ready to enjoy a steady stream of good hair days? There are steps you can take to achieve great looking hair whatever your hair type. Our stylists here at Shelley Lane Salon, Bridgend share their 5 secrets..

A love for All Seasons


Pay attention to the time of year and adjust your hair care routine accordingly! For example, blonde hair will lighten during the summer while reds and brunettes can look dull. Shelley recommends brunettes and redheads use a colour mask such as milk_shake colour maintainer balm throughout summer. In winter, windy weather and excessive indoor heating can dry out our hair and cause static – a smoothing serum will be a saviour in colder months.

Care from the inside out

It goes without saying that bad habits such as smoking and poor diet will leave your hair looking dull.

Greek yogurt is packed with protein, the building blocks of your locks. Greek yogurt also contains vitamin B5 that helps with blood flow to your scalp, preventing hair from thinning. Spinach can help battle brittle hair, Guava to prevent breakage and cinnamon for circulation. You are what you eat!

Vary Heat Settings

When blow drying your hair *please* do not simply blast your hair on the hottest setting! This is a big no-no that results in dry over-processed hair. When drying alternate between the hot and cool settings 😉

Invest in great tools

You keep on top of your trims, you care about the quality of your products, yet your tools are old and outdated. This is a catch-22 sure to scrap your dreams of great hair. Update your old styler and you will see a huge difference. We LOVE the ghd platinum styler. Styling with ghd platinum is proven to be kinder to your hair colour as well as reducing hair breakage by over 50% and increasing shine by 20%. With an RRP of £165 we can vouch that they are a worthwhile investment!

The Right Brush

Use a natural bristle brush for everyday brushing, softer and more flexible, it will mean less damage to your hair. On wet hair use a wide toothed comb.