Alexander McQueen inspired Hair Styling by Shelley Pengilly



Hair Up Specialist, Shelley Pengilly, creates Alexander McQueen inspired look for Femme/Homme collection

The latest concept – milk_shake collection, Femme/Homme, offers a novel perspective on London, Paris, New York and Tokyo trends. Following London and Paris Fashion week, Shelley  fell in love with the S/S15 collection of Alexander McQueen, whom Shelley admired throughout his career.

The collection was all about strength. It’s Eastern oppulence developed a theme that questioned how a woman can be both powerful and feminine. This _MG_4906continued too to hair and make-up, with models obscured by black kabuki-esque masks and hair slicked back into securely folded ponytails.

The caged bodices and strong structures that dominated the collection provided the influence for how Shelley styled her models.

McQueens’ masked models lead Shelley to create a helmet-like standing formation using wire to reflect the structure and strength of McQueens collection. The rough textured braid mimicked the ruffled textures of McQueens dramatic buoyant skirts. This texture was set above a perfectly smooth low ponytail.


To create this look Shelley Pengilly…

  1. First, Shelley applied milk_shake styling mouse to wet hair.
  2. When hair was dried, Shelley sectioned hair from the temple to below the ear into small triangular segments.
  3. With these sections, Shelley braided the hair using wire that began an inch and a half from the root.
  4. Shelley then heavily applied milk_shake glistening serum to the centre section and firmly brushed hair back to create a high gloss low ponytail.
  5. To finish, shelley secured the look with milk_shake life styling hairspray


Check out the captivating Femme-Homme Collection from Concept below…