Alternative Hair Show 2016 – Shelley Pengilly is Avant Garde Finalist


On Sunday October 16th, Shelley Pengilly of Shelley Lane Salon, Bridgend , presented her Hair Art on stage at The global hair event of the year!

Shelley was selected as an Avant Garde finalist in the Alternative Hair Visionary Awards. For her entry, she created a pastel masterpiece and dress made entirely by hand.

The 34th Alternative Hair Show managed to raise an incredible £190,319.50 for Fighting Leukaemia. The funds raised have made the experience even more gratifying for Shelley whose younger brother was diagnosed with the disease a little over a year ago. Following a successful stem cell transplant from Shelley her brother was given the all clear the very same week she was selected as a finalist.

The theme Odyssey inspired Shelley to create something that appeared to be from another world. She used a shape and texture that is not typical of everyday hairdressing for her avant – garde alien-inspired look. She chose to use the soft, feminine colours that mirror her own style but with an alternative edge. Speaking of this opportunity Shelley said

To collaborate with this artistic force has really been a dream come true! Having my work exhibited at a global event, and in a venue as iconic as The Royal Albert Hall, has been incredible and I have loved every single minute. The experience has been even more uplifting given that the cause it supports is so close to home

To create her shape Shelley used padding as her foundation and spent hours sewing the Rapture Hair extensions she received from hair solutions specialist Eva Proudman. Shelley said of Rapture hair

The quality of the hair was fantastic and dreaded perfectly. It also absorbed milk_shake direct colour with ease to create pinks and lilacs for my look, I even created the dress out of Rapture Hair!

As UK Brand Ambassador for milk_shake Shelley is obsessed with Direct colour. To achieve this colour look she found new and exciting ways to use her must-have product to create an even colour result on a mass-scale, she explains,

To create my entries colour I used milk_shake direct colour in a different way! I needed to use the product on a much grander scale to colour all Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 14.53.15my hair pieces so for the first time I emerged the hair in buckets of direct colour diluted in water. This meant I didn’t have to worry about my application and got completely even results’

 Alternative Hair has continued to bring together artistic hairdressers from across the globe, enticing them to take their creativity to ever more daring heights without limitations. This creative journey has benefited not only the chosen charity, Fighting Leukaemia, but has also the global artistic force it encompasses.