Winter Hair Woes? we hear ya, and we’ve got you covered!

Ah Winter, a beautiful time of year, but undeniably brutal on our hair and skin…


As long sun drenched days become a distant memory you might be wondering why your hair is suddenly drier than ever. Sure, the combination of sea and sunshine can be pretty severe. However, blistering winds outside and the unnaturally dry conditions created by indoor heating are often far worse. Yes we know, it sucks.

‘Women’s Stylist of the Year’, Shelley Pengilly, maintains that indoor heating plays havoc on your hair  ‘Weakening the hair cuticle, drying it out, and ultimately fading your colour faster than other times of year’. Here are some of the MAJOR dilemmas, you might be facing, because let’s face it, good hair is pretty damn important…

  • Drama : Hectic Social Calendar = Over processed, super thirsty locks

  • Solution : Let your hair drink up too, with more hydrating treatments

Okay social butterflies… at this time of year, we are all going out more. We are styling our Milk_Shake_Stockist_Hair_Intergrity_Shelleys_Salon_SHelley_Pengilly_Bridgendhair more than it would like, and chances are it feels just as dehydrated as you do sunday morning. Schedule mid week treatments between the parties, whether in salon or at home. Shelley recommends the milk_shake integrity range, their concentrated repairing protein treatment, rich in amino acids, restructures and strengthens damaged and chemically treated hair leaving it soft and shiny. I’ll drink to that!

  • Drama : Dry, static, hard to manage hair that we have the great British weather to thank for… wow that’s depressing.

  • Solution : No dramas, incredible milk to the rescue!

hmm ‘windsweptMilk_Shake_Stockist_Winter_hair_Haircare_Shelleys_Salon_Aberkenfig_bridgend and interesting’, not many of us are pulling that one off. During Winter your hair is in this constant limbo between savage wind and rain and artificial warming. it’s not happy. Cheer it up by enhancing your daily ritual a notch. Products that you might find heavy during summer, your hair can appreciate at this time of year. Milk_shake’s ‘incredible milk’ boasts 12 hair saving effects, that include frizz control, protection from split ends and colour maintainer. Trust us, it’s a little miracle.



  •  Drama : Blonde + Spray Tan = suspiciously coloured fringes

  • Solution : Deep Cleanse and reach for the blue shampoo

Here’s one for the blondes, with fringes, that are partial to a bit of fake tan during Winter. In  hotter months, we tend to want our hair off our faces, so when the weatherMilk_Shake_hair_silver_shampoo_shelleys_salon gets colder, the general trend is to fringe. Couple this trend with increased fake tanning and your fringe could be getting a bit dodgy. Our clients that have a high lift tint complain about the discolouration that occurs due to the porosity of their hair. The best way to combat this is to use either a deep cleanse or silver shampoo, to strip the hair of product build up and neutralise tones.