BIG Hair Styling Mistakes we bet you are making!


These pointers on the biggest hair styling sins to avoid will surely set you on the hairway to heaven. Break these bad habits now and enjoy the endless good hair days to come!

1. You OD on products

So, prior to the 80’s hair products were limited to hairspray and a greasy goop men used to slick their hair into place. Nowadays, the market is saturated with everything from serum, gum, texturing paste, oils and even non-oils. It’s enough to make your head spin. Shelley recommends having your stylist advise you on what your hair is lacking so you’re not confused by all the choice.

2. You blast dry your hair on the highest heat

Use a combination of hot and cooler heat settings when it comes to your blow-dry! Over-drying your hair will make it harder to work with, take your time and get the shape and movement you want.

3. You brush your hair while it’s still wet

When you get out of the shower, for the love of God! DO NOT just grab any brush to haScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.31.31nd and carelessly drag from root to tip! Instead,  DO use a wide-toothed comb and be very kind and gentle 🙂 Shelley recommends adding her miracle product and client favourite milk_shake conditioning whipped cream (RRP 15.49) before brushing.

4. Giiirl, you gotta section! and no need to blowdry dripping wet hair

Rough dry hair before you section to save yourself oodles of time! This approach is also much kinder to the hair, as you focus more intense heat on the section for a limited time. It’s best to go for four to six sections

6. You are using the wrong brush

photo-9Investing in your tools is ALWAYS a good idea, it will streamline your morning routine and ensure you get better results. Client and long time friend Els, prior to Shelley’s good counsel, was using a hairdryer that belonged in a museum and a basic hair brush. not good.  Els says ‘I used to be sacred of even having a style as I was so clueless on how to style it. My tools were why I struggled, they really do make all the difference!’

Here at Shelley’s, existing clients can even book an appointment for a Blow Dry Lesson with Shelley.

7. Use your Nozzle 

To finish, if you’re not using your nozzle, then we really think you should start. You will have more control and achieve a much sleeker result.