Brunettes! Can you pull off going blonde?

When Khloe Kardashian revealed a full on platinum bob she inspired a legion of brunettes to follow suit! Once a poster girl for brunette beauty, her new look doesn’t have the fake feel we might have predicted. So could the change be for you?


Does Blonde compliment your eyes and skin tone?

The goal is always to find a shade to complement your coloring. As a rule, ashier blondes complement cool skin tones, while golden shades work better on warmer ones. Though Blonde can leave you looking washed-out if your skin has slightly yellow undertones.

As for eyes, Blonde looks most natural when paired with light eyes; blues, greens and light hazel with green flecks. Though blonde hair and dark eyes doesn’t always flatter, celebrities llike Whitney Port, Keira Knightly and Kate Mara have all pulled off the trend!

Can you commit to the time, money and haircare?


Rome wasn’t built in a day and it would be unrealistic to expect a transformation overknight. Khloé has put in years to get that perfect blonde lob, that’s a lot of time and money at the salon. The benefit of taking your time is that you and everyone else gets comfortable with the change.

Furthermore, going lighter and lighter means an amped up hair care routine. You have to commit to treatments and get your hair in optimal condition before the process even begins.


Ladies if you are worried about high maintence hair care or wonder if blonde will flatter your skin a soft ombre is a low maintenance way to brighten your look. Subtle highlights that frame the face flatter everyone. Pop in to the salon for a free consultation and receive expert advice from our colour technicians or book your appointment HERE