Can everyone pull off a Pixie?

Hot on celebrity hair trends? Then we bet you’ve spotted the seriously chic Pixies we’ve lusted over of late!


Social Media Assistant Alisha’s Pixie Cut!

Our top of the crops include those worn by Hollywood Actresses Gemma Arterton and Michelle Williams. One blonde, one brunette…these looks have SLAYED on recent red carpets, and left us wondering, can everyone pull off the pixie cut?


Here are some things you *might* want to consider…


If your hair is naturally curly, we’re afraid this might not be the best look for you. A Pixie’s short layers work best with straight styles. 

Face Shape

This cut really suits oval face shapes. To flatter square faces, a longer layered pixie in a wavy style softens features perfectly.


As with every major cut or colour change, your wardrobe might need tweaking. Your clothes will just look, well, different. If  you are a girly girl, seriously attached to your long locks a change this drastic might leave you feeling really shaken up. With your long hair you might have felt super feminine in a jeans and t-shirt, with short hair that look becomes almost androgynous, so be warned. Ultimately, We think this is part of the fun when changing your look, and we all need another  excuse to go shopping!


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