Centre Braids Step By Step

Shelley Pengilly Centre Braids Festival Hair milk_shake Haircare

Centre Braids

Step 1: Work milk_shake Dry Shampoo through clean, dry hair for grit

Step 2: Apply milk_shake Styling Potion heavily throughout the section of hair that is to be braided.  This will tame and take control

Step 3: Braid centre parting section 1inch wide from hairline to crown

Step 4: Take triangular sections on each side of your centre braid but leave 1/2 inch section out on the hairline to achieve a softer, more flattering effect.

Step 5: Braid the other two sections and then back connect to the centre braid

Step 6: Using a downward motion with your chosen irons create soft, gentle, loose waves

Step 7: Finish with a spritz of milk_shake Strong Hold Hairspray for structure, hold and to maintain the style

Shelley Pengilly Centre Braids Festival Hair milk_shake Haircare

WHY CHOOSE CENTRE BRAIDS:  Last seasons most talked about festival braid has been upgraded.  In 2016 Kate Bosworth began a centre braid revolution when she was spotted at Coachella with that skinny braid that ran through her centre parting. Twelve months on and the centre braid re-emerges with a tailor-made twist – the addition of sister braids either side.  This low maintenance bohemian style is not just a pretty braid…..it is absolutely weather proof as it keeps your hair frizz free on the parting.   What’s not to love!


TOP TIP:  The slightly gelish texture of milk_shake Styling Potion that is without stickiness is amazing to braid with as it gives so much control.  It’s particularly good when working with small braids.