Hair Club Live – Cardiff #ItsYourChair

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 Hair_Club_Live_open_chair_night_Cardiff_Hair_Stylist_Shelley_PengillyScreen Shot 2015-06-03 at 09.34.32Hair Club Live offers a fresh concept in events, featuring a platform, a chair and a set of traffic lights. Their open chair nights are driving the industry mad with enthusiasm.

Open Chair Night is all about giving creative stylists the opportunity to shine, share and inspire.

On Sunday, Shelley Pengilly took to the stage, with model Celdice and a head full of ideas. With her ten minutes she presented the
eccentric look pictured aside.

Shelley, inspired by the pre-Raphaelite paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, loved how he depicted red haired women as porcelain and doll-like.

The artist’s name also includes both an angel and demon. This added to the theme of how human nature is dualistic,everyone possessing a dark side. Dressed in a straight Jacket, Celdice’s hair was set deliberately structured on one side and chaotic on the other. The blood red eruption of colour represented a reaction toward being restrained.

Her creation was awarded Colour Look of the evening.

Model Celdice’s natural red hair and flawless white skin made her the perfect choice for this look. Shelley used milk_shake Direct colour on Celdice’s natural hair, in shades of copper and light red. Copper was used on top, with colour becoming more intense towards the ends. The Direct colour was perfect for creating a dramatic contrast and high shine finish.

The intense red hair pieces were coloured using milk_shake creative colour range, in shade 7.666.

Of the event, Shelley said ‘The best thing about Hair Club Live is having the opportunity to create something without limits, a look you wouldn’t create from day to day. After all, hair is an Art, and the boundaries should be constantly pushed’.

Hair_Club_Live_open_chair_night_Cardiff_Hair_Stylist_Shelley_PengillyHair_Club_Live_open_chair_night_Cardiff_Hair_Stylist_Shelley_Pengilly Hair_Club_Live_open_chair_night_Cardiff_Hair_Stylist_Shelley_Pengilly