The Hair Hacks every girl should know

Sometimes, the planets allign and you seem to have a good hair day without  even thinking about it. Though, more often than not, we could all do with some expert advice in the nifty form of hair hacks that promise to save you time!

Reduce stress and minimise your morning routine with the tricks below….you can thank us later!


  • Add product to help fix bobby pins in place  volumizing-powder-no-inibition-5g-shelleys-salon-hair-shelley-pengilly-bridgend_Hair_Hacks

Got sleek, straight hair that your pins struggle to grip? Let us introduce you to your new miracle product, the NO INHIBITION Volumizing powder (RRP £10.29). This powder mattifys your hair, adding texture at the root. A sprinkle of this and it’s hello stay-put style.

  • Create Volume with the two ponytail trick


To create the illusion of fuller hair by first pulling the top section back into a high ponytail. Then, secure the remaining hair into a lower ponytail. The top section will cleverly conceal the lower, making it appear as though you have one long, high ponytail. Magic!

  •  Set your style with cold air

So here’s a little bit of science  – heat makes things more malleable, not just hair, many things! Mould your style with heat but make sure to seal the cuticle with cold if you want to maintain that volume throughout the day. Heat blasting your hair upside down might give you a lift as you head out the door, but by mid-morning it’s hey there flat fuzzball – so alternate between warm and cold air to best set your style.

  •  Know your Brushes!

Large round brushes are for straightening, small round brushes are for adding curl and volume, and paddle brushes are for smoothing. There you have it. I have Shelley Pengilly to thank for this wisdom. Shelleys Receptionist, and totally clueless, I was pretty happy just to use no brush at all, until I experienced Shelleys_Salon_Shelley_Pengilly_Aberkenfig_Bridgend_ghd_Brushesthe difference. Amen.









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