We LOVE Vintage @ Shelley’s Salon!


It feels like a retro Renaissance here at Shelley’s lately with our clients going crazy over fabulous finger waves and vintage hair accessories. Here are a collection of our favourite vintage looks and a little about the decades that inspired them!

The Roaring Twenties


The twenties is a favourite decade to imitate amongst us girls – representative of a heady rush of ‘girl power’, we weren’t afraid to cut our hair as short as the boys. In this decade we were bold, androgynous and even gained our right to vote!

Later, the finger wave became a highly fashionable method of softening the iconic flapper period bob’s masculine edge.



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Gatsby Glamour

The Twenties were characterised by decadence! With endlessly lavish parties and the excess that foreshadowed the 1930’s depression, but Hey-Ho. Pay homage to this era with one of these hairstyles and try not to feel monumental and grand. SO difficult.



The Forties : Old Hollywood Waves






The cascading brushed-out waves popularized by Old Hollywood actresses such as Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth were a clear departure from the short, neat finger waves of the 1920’s. Seductively feminine this look is still a red carpet favourite, championed by the likes of
Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfreid.