milk_shake guide to Festival Hair


Shelley_Pengilly_milk_shake_glastonbury_festival_hairThere is a look for every festival and it doesn’t have to be centre-parted boho waves! Besides bohemian beauty, a Retro pin curl set or even a lady Mohawk offer a bold alternative for any rock festival.

The night before..

Whatever look you’re going for, your pre-festival ritual should be the same – meaning fresh, clean, well-prepped hair. ‘Women’s Stylist of the Year’ Shelley Pengilly recommends using a less moisturising Shampoo such as milk_shake Daily Frequent Shampoo (RRP 12.99), ‘As your home for the next few days becomes a hot and humid tent, your hair is about to get plenty of moisture, so just apply milk_shake leave-in conditioner to the very ends!’

Day 1 – If you are more of a rock chick, a  pin curl set is the perfect festival look for day one! tightly Curl your hair with slim barrel irons and and pin them in place with lady jane clips. This look is also totally rain proof! just make sure hair has dried before you take out the set. To complete the look pop in a funky head scarf or go bold with you colour. Shelley is a true colour chameleon and loves milk_shake Direct colour (RRP £27.99).

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Day 2 – Take out the pin set for big bouncy curls!

Day 3 – As the front of your hair is getting dirtier and yesterdays curls are beginning to volumizing-powder-no-inibition-5g-shelleys-salon-hair-shelley-pengilly-bridgenddrop, Shelley recommends using NO_INHIBITION Volumizing Powder (RRP 9.99) to dry hair and make it easier to work with, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it’s festival friendly. Add some hairspray for scruffy control.

Shelley_Pengilly_milk_shake_glastonbury_festival_hair Shelley_Pengilly_milk_shake_glastonbury_festival_hair Shelley_Pengilly_milk_shake_glastonbury_festival_hair Shelley_Pengilly_milk_shake_glastonbury_festival_hair


Shelley’s Top Tips

  1. The front section of your hair can get dirty fast , making Hair accessories a winner at any festival – think flower crowns and printed headscarfs! If they’re not really your thing, just plait the front section of your face.
  2. If you love your fringe and couldn’t bear to be without it, take a travel size shampoo such as the milk_shake mini range (RRP 3.99 each), and give yourself a quick fringe wash. Pop a roller in and voilà, outside it’s gonna dry super fast!
  3. For the Quintessential festival look, Shelley recommends visiting a salon for a halo braid hair up, not only does a salon created look last longer but you’re guaranteed beautiful boho waves when you take your hair out. If you create your braid at home, remember the tighter the plait the tighter the curl! So, looser plaits avoid that crimped eighties vibe.