milk_shake Ocean Trend 2014 Show in Portugal


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‘The UK Creative Art Team smashed it in Portugal  for the Iconic Salon brand Milk_Shake’ Concept, whose hair brands include milk_shake and NO INHIBITION, held their Ocean Trends 2014 hair show over three days in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal. The collection was inspired by the elements. The UK team were influenced by Air, while the Italian team represented Earth and Fire and the Portuguese, Water.

Shelley pengilly Milk_shake Concept shelleys salon hair

Shelley Pengilly said her hair up was inspired by the way that air creates patterns and movement across sand in s-shape formations, her models hair was natural with pre-lightened ends using 20vol, giving a very natural ombre.

Clear direct colour was applied to the whole head and silver direct colour was applied to the ends to create a high-gloss shine. When creating her look she described wanting to create a ‘solid structure with movement’. She took an internal section, following the shape of her models head, which she then crimped and back combed using NO INHIBITION volumizing powder. This section was then pinned to create a solid foundation. She then used wire on the hair to create a static free-standing formation.



MilkShake16 Other UK team member, David Baker, Owner ofThe Vault Hair and Spa in Esher, London channelled the power of a storm for his look. He achieved this by using a disconnected Shark fin section on the top of the head, then disconnecting a short panel from underneath, leaving the length to give the impression of air.


Becky Wardrop took a section from recession back below the crown then to the back of the ear to cut a classic one length and layered bob, taking it to jaw length. She then took the disconnected area and did a 50/50 layer, pulling it up square to the head. Lastly she pin set the disconnected side using the mini tongs and blow dried the rest creating a smooth finish.




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