Shelley takes ‘Dreams’ to Poland June 2023

Back in June, Shelley was invited to travel to Jurata in Poland to showcase her work to 50 VIP customers of Milk_shake Poland. Her work was inspired by her latest collection, Dreams, and the project was extremely exciting as this was the first event at which Shelley was the sole exhibitor. The theme, of course, had to be pink! 

Guests arrived to a welcome drink on a beautiful terrace where Shelley was able to chat with them and thank them for attending. Next, was a pink themed gala dinner which Shelley was also able to attend with the guests. Following the dinner was the show, which Shelley created and customised the clothes for. She said “the team working behind the scenes were incredible, the stage that was built was exactly what I asked for and I was so happy with the way my vision came together. The show went amazingly well and we were able to celebrate at a party afterwards, which was lots of fun”.

A group of attendees stand on a terrace which overlooks the sea. They are stood together talking.

The following day, Shelley hosted an educational session. She held a look-and-learn where she demonstrated to the attendees how to create more commercial looks which they could then take back to their salons.

Shelley is looking forward to returning to Poland again next year to deliver a full training event.

You can see more of Shelley’s Dreams collection here, and her Pink Dreamland collection here. If you’re interested in attending an educational event held by Shelley, head to the Education page for more information and follow Shelley’s social media for updates.

With special thanks to:
Milk_shake Poland | Aga Laciborowska - Event organiser | Karolina Stynczyńska - Event organiser | Dorota Falborska - Event organiser
Patryk Rydz - Videographer | Jowita Błaszczyk - Stage | Ruta Wojtas - Hair team | Marina Kuzmenko - Hair team | Olena Musat - Hair team
Hotel Bryza - Venue| Aleksandra Majewska - Make-up Artist