Shelley’s Salon – 2016 Colour Trend continues!

2016 was the year to have some colour fun, our clients got brave and here are some of our favourite results…



This multi-coloured pastel trend was a statement look, perfect for festival fun! 

milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon  milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salonmilk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon 


Silver was one of this years greatest looks! From Platinum Pearl to the refreshing blue blend that cooled us down this summer.

milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salonmilk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon   milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon

 Auburn Delight 

From Soft Auburn to Bold Red, the changing seasons inspired us to switch our shade. When the weather began to cool we warmed pale skin with Soft Auburn making you feel altogether more vibrant! For a more dramatic change you chose to be bold with pillar box red.

The brightest shade of red suits a variety of complexions so consult your stylist on what’s the best shade for you. Here at Shelley’s hair salon in Bridgend we use milk_shake permanent and non-permanant ranges for colour brilliance.

milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon milk_shake_direct_colour_shelleys_salon_bridgend_shelley_pengilly_hair_salon 


 Fuchsia Fusions, Sweet Pinks , Rose Golds & Lovely Lilacs

Using milk_shake direct colour we achieved every shade of pink and purple there is! These fun fashion colours are created with ease when you know how, just add the colour to milk_shake whipped cream to vary the colours intensity. 

These 2016 colour trends show no sign of ending, with clients becoming braver and bolder!
To find out how you can maintain your new look between salon appointments, watch UK milk_shake Ambassador Shelley Pengilly use Direct Colour and whipped cream to create a Candy Pink colour cocktail!