Space Buns Step By Step

Space Buns Step By Step

Step 1: Spritz the hair with milk_shake Texturizing Spray

Step 2: Create a centre parting and divide the hair into 4 sections

Step 3: Braid the back two sections of the hair and secure with a band

Step 4: Spritz the front 2 sections of hair with milk_shake Texturizing Spritz.  This is perfect to achieve body and hold with a matt finish.  

Step 5:  Spray milk_shake Dry Shampoo throughout the hair to ensure a gritty texture

Step 6: Create two loose bunches and gently backcomb the ponytails spritzing them with milk_shake Medium Hold Hairspray

Step 7: Roll up and pin in place

Step 8: Wrap the remainder of the braid around the ‘Space Bun’ and secure with a grip

Step 9: Spritz all over the hair with milk_shake Strong Hold Hairspray to secure in place and protect against the weather

FESTIVAL FAVOURITE:  First spotted at Coachella, the Princess Leia-inspired hairdo was everywhere.  Space buns are officially the most-wanted Festival Hairstyle of 2017 with celebrity A listers including Poppy Delevingne and Mollie King sporting different variations.  Space buns are super versatile: wear with or without braids;  up or half up; with or without glitter scattered across the hairline.

Space Buns Step By Step

WHY CHOOSE SPACE BUNS: These buns are for seriously fun-loving girls who love to party.  The surreal festival experience allows all festival goers to experiment with hairstyles that they wouldn’t normally try.  Space Buns are easy to create and super low maintenance:  they are perfect for all weathers and will last as long as you do!

TOP TIP: Spritz your grips with milk_shake Medium Hold Hairspray for extra support