The Easy Boho Braid


Consider yourself a bit of a glamour girl at home? You may be feeling a little worried about maintaining your statement style at a festival. When you can’t live without every strand in place, try a more festival-ready look with some glam-cool braiding:

Get the Look

Gently tease hair from the roots to achieve height, then choose either two braids on a middle part or one braid that twists from a side part to rest over the opposite shoulder. For a more polished look keep the braids tight, or tease hair loose for a boho fabulous festival style.

Lasting power

As the braid loosens, your look will become effortlessly undone so expect to get a couple of days wear out of this hair style.

Must have products

Prepare the hair for styling using milk_shake shaping foam that will add texture and a medium hold. Finish off your look with milk_shake open air hairspray to hold the shape in place and provide maximum protection from unwanted wind and rain.Hair_up_festival_shelleys_salon_bridegnd_Boho_braid_Shelley_pengilly