Viking Braids Step By Step

Viking Braids Step By Step
Festival Hair Viking Braids milk_shake

Step 1:  Apply milk_shake Dry Shampoo to clean hair focussing on the roots.  The dry shampoo adds texture to the root and will ensure that you get an extra day from the style

Step 2:  Apply milk_shake Smoothing Cream to mid-lengths and ends to help heated tools to glide over the hair  as well as protect hair against the damaging effects of hot tools

Step 3: Section the hair into 6 pieces on the top of the head

Step 4:  Leave 3inches of hair at the top of each section before you begin to braid.  You can fishtail braid as you can see in the images or, if you prefer, you can opt for a standard braid.  Remember that the braids must be soft and movable so that you can manipulate them into the end result

Step 5: Take the 3 braids to the left of the parting and loosely braid them together.  Work identically on the right-hand side.   

Step 6: Connect the left and right braids together and then follow with another braid to complete as one

Step 7: Wrap one of the individual braids around the main structure to complete the section giving the appearance of a knot  

Step 8: Once secure remove all other bands from the hair

Step 9: Brush the section for polished end result

Step 10:  Spritz the hair with milk_shake Medium Hold Hairspray for a natural flexible hold

Festival Hair Viking Braids milk_shake hair


WHY CHOOSE VIKING BRAIDS:  The Game Of Thrones-inspired Viking Braids are ideal for festival girls who love their long hair.   The most adorably pretty and ultra feminine look for festival season with an added bonus of keeping hair securely away from the face.  

TOP TIP:  Regularly spritz the hair with milk_shake Medium Hold Hairspray for long-lasting hold and also to benefit from the UV filter and quinoa proteins that protect the hair fibre from the sun and environmental pollution.