What is toner? – HAIR FAQS

There is a transformative step in hair colouring that you might be missing, and its called Toning

silver_shine_milk_shake_hair_shelleys_salon_bridgend_aberkenfig_shelley_pengillyToning freshly coloured hair is important, and it’s also a process you can keep on top of at home. 

New clients that come to us for colour correction often feel that their blonde is too ‘yellow’. Great news for bottle blondes, toner can rid you of those unwanted brassy tones and give you that crisp cool blonde you long for!

When haircare brand milk_shake released their Silver Shine range last year, our clients were left amazed by the results. 

The range included a new version of client favourite, conditioning whipped cream. the product combines the restructuring benefits of milk proteins, vitamin rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise your colour. Clients can use the product at home between their colour appointments, and use in conjunction with Silver Shine Shampoo a couple of times a week. 


The silver shine range gives blondes complete control over their colour, you can adjust how often you use the products to achieve your perfect tone! – milk_shake UK Ambassador , Shelley Pengilly

Toning isn’t just a process for bleached hair , although it is most common. Toners are necessary for all colour types. So not to worry brunettes and red heads, we are not leaving you out! If your natural colour has lifted in the sun or you simply want to bring it back down, then the Silver Shine range will work for you to. To put it simply, the range will neutralise the colour you don’t want to see and enhance the colour you do!

Sounding good? You can head to the milk_shake website HERE or pop into Shelley Lane Salon and discover more about how the range can work for you