Z.one Concept International Event


Z.One_concept_hair_salon_shelley_pengilly_aberkenfig_bridgend_hairdressers_milk_shake The Z.one Concept Artistic teams from throughout Europe joined together in Alicante, Spain last week to bring us the ‘Allure’ Collection

The collection demonstrated the hottest hair trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 and was divided into three segments delivered by the Italian, Spanish and UK Artistic teams . All the models were styled using the Z.one Concept brand styling ranges NO INHIBITION and milk_shake. The event took place in the beautiful Melia resort of Benidorm in front of milk_shake distributors, salons and stylists from throughout the UK and Europe.

From UK, Shelley Pengilly and David Baker interpreted the wild side of Allure. Interpreting Safari Mood, the the UK team shared with us the Attraction of an edgy look. Inspired by the magnetism of nature and its raw colors and shapes, the UK Team delivered the final segment – the editorial experience.

Directly from Italy, Grazia Basso and Diego Avellini, brought to the stage
the daily fashion Allure woman. A salon friendly fashion, that through the cutting and styling techniques delivered the Seduction of the Allure.
Interpreting the Nude mood, the Italian Team demonstrated how the Allure woman will dare, but never loses her femininity.

Xandra Pardo and Javier Mas of the Spanish Art Team brought their interpretation of the Black&White mood.
This segment was dedicated to the Fashion world and it’s elegance. The Geometric shapes, contrasts and textures transported spectators to the fashion capital by
excellence, New York City.

Z.One_concept_hair_salon_shelley_pengilly_aberkenfig_bridgend_hairdressers_milk_shake We talked to Shelley about how she achieved her looks, what inspired them and how they related to the brief Allure

When we think of allure, we think of a seduction or magnetism that draws you in. The sleek and structured look I created embodies traditional ideas of glamour and seduction.

I chose a spherical structure on the head. This was the best shape to achieve a high shine glossy effect using a combination of NO_IHIBITION Fluid Gloss

Firstly I prepped the hair with whipped cream, blow-dried and gathered the hair into a high ponytail. Next I pulled the hair through a polystyrene ball that I attached to the head.  I added coloured hairpieces in different shades of grey and yellow. I finished the look using NO INHIBITION hairspray for secure hold and NO_INHIBITION moulding wax for a sleek effect. I then added a small veil by creating a basket weave of tiny braids. This structure had metal pieces woven into the braids ends to attract our magnets, showing our interpretation of the Allure woman as magnetic.

For Shelley’s second look she pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in hair up. The look was a real challenge in terms of balance structure and symmetry. I created the illusion of the impossible with a horizontal structure, inspired by the long and beautiful tales of the birds of paradise. She went bold with colour, adding a wealth of brightly coloured hairpieces, to add depth and featherlike texture.

For this look I took my inspiration from the natural world.  To allure something is to attract it, in the animal kingdom we see how birds in Z.One_concept_hair_salon_shelley_pengilly_aberkenfig_bridgend_hairdressers_milk_shake particular use their colours, plumage and stance to attract potential partners.

Firstly my models hair was blowdried using a mixture of milk_shake smoothing cream and conditioning whipped cream. Her hair was coarse and curly, so this prepared the hair to work with. Next, I backcombed a triangular section, sprinkling NO_INHIBITION volumizing powder at the root. This added texture and created a strong foundation on which to fix my cone structure and later the hairpieces.  The structure was made using a 30cm ruler and padding.

The main products used were NO INHIBITION volumizing powder to create texture, milk_shake lifestyling hairspray for hold.


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