Collection Raw

”RAW Collection is born from a desire to visualise my feelings in the present moment.  I wanted to create a collection that unearths my roots…..that is symbolic of my love of my home country whilst exploring a different path.  I’m known for my ultra feminine work and Avant-Garde pieces but I wanted to showcase an alternative creative energy. The RAW woman is strong, confident, slightly eccentric and 100% authentic.  Incorporating my own skills, heritage, and origins whilst straying away from normality – a reflection of my underlying desire to remain in Wales yet seek adventure, recognition, and success from around the world.  

To authentically create my vision, I needed to involve local Welsh talent.  I had to source a creative team with an abundance of energy and a mutual appreciation of our heritage.  After much research, I discovered an awesome, upcoming Welsh Fashion Designer who has just completed her debut collection as part of her final year’s studies (you would never have imagined that this inspirational young lady hadn’t qualified – the costumes you can see in my supporting evidence are a testament to this).  Instantly we bonded and shared a connection and when I discovered that her inspiration behind the collection was Welsh Costume, I knew that we could work together. The venue: a magnificent, castle-like hotel with incredible grounds in the Welsh Valleys, as if by magic the Welsh national flower, dandelions, flooded the fields surrounding our castle.”


Hair: Shelley Lane

Photographer: Simon Huntley

Style: Arnie Fashion

MUA: Jessy Owens

Venue: Court Colman Hotel 

Team: Shelleys Salon Team
 #milk_shake #Rapture