Petallic In Bloom Collection

Introducing Shelley’s latest collection, ‘Petallic In Bloom.’

The Petallic In Bloom collection celebrates the coming together of the earth’s most precious gifts – delicate florals and elemental metals – to create a stark portrayal of the complexities of modern beauty.

We are raw, yet ornate.
We are bold, yet considered.
We shine, yet are not without depth.
Our petals may be delicate – but we are stronger than you could ever imagine.
Admire us, but never underestimate our power.
Nature is the Earth’s greatest treasure, and like flowers from her soil and metals from her core, we grow.

Hair – Shelley Lane
Photographer – Dan Thomas Photography
Make up – Abbie Beaumontt
Assistants – Janine Flay and Lottie Lehan
Products Used – Milk Shake Hair UK & Rapture Hair