Swinter Hair

Beat ‘Swinter’ Hair With These Top Styling Tips…

It’s the fifth season no-one wanted. Swinter is officially here with its confusing characteristics of simultaneous heat, rain, wind – none of which are a friend to your hair.

So how to avoid frizzy hair in this in-between British Summer weather? milk_shake Ambassador & Salon Owner Shelley Pengilly gives her recommendations.


Okay, first things first! Milk_shake Ambassador Shelley Pengilly says, “Frizz is basically caused when hair is damaged: the damaged section of hair leave a gap in the keratin which is where moisture gets in, swelling the hair and causing frizz. You need a product that gets in and fills that gap first.

Milkshake productProducts that simply sit on the hair’s surface, for example hairspray, are no good here. What you need is a product you can dry into the hair, sealing the cuticle and preventing frizz. milk_shake Styling Potion (£16.49) is perfect: it smoothes the hair cuticle and creates natural volume.

milkshae 2“Another fantastic product for fighting the elements and eliminating frizz is milk_shake Incredible Milk 12 effects (£13.49). The leave in treatment is suitable for all types and as well as penetrating the hair to condition and banish frizz, it also provides heat protection, perfect if you’ve been caught in the rain and need to restyle your hair with heated stylers.”


“It almost goes without saying; in this weather it makes sense to wear your hair up off your neck and swept back off your forehead. This way you can avoid complete disaster during unexpected downpours and feel more comfortable in a stuffy office. Try these three:

  • Power Ponytail – a sleek pony will keep you feeling polished. For a more summery feel, tousle the ends.
  • The ‘Hun’ – there is no doubt that ‘The Hun’ is having a moment. If you prefer not to put all your hair back this is a very current option, and good on mid-length hair too.
  • Boho Braided Bun – out of work, this look is relaxed and summery but practical enough to wear in Swinter weather.