We LOVE Autumn Reds!

Autumn/Winter Hair Trends for 2015 from Shelley Lane Salon in Bridgend

From Soft Auburn to Bold Red, the changing seasons inspire us to switch our shade. After a soggy summer, we are more than ready for Fall to roll in, bringing with it coats, boots, crisp air and morning coffee! It might just be our favourite time of year, and as the leaves turn from green to amber why not follow suit and undergo a complete colour transformation?

When the weather begins to cool and your skin grows paler you might start to feel washed out. Soft Auburn tones will add warmth to a cooling complexion and make you feel altogether more vibrant! For a more dramatic change, be bold and go pillar box red. Rihanna rocked it and so can you!

The brightest shade of red suits a variety of complexions so consult your stylist on what’s the best shade for you. Here at Shelley’s hair salon in Bridgend we use milk_shake permanent and non-permanant ranges for colour brilliance.

For a less committed makeover, milk_shake hair smoothies semi permanent colour will put serious nourishment, gloss and vitality into your hair, for brilliant colour that lasts several weeks. Find out more about milk_shake HERE.